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  • Special Sessions

1. "ECTI-SICE Oganized Session on Latest Trend on Systems and Control"

  • Description

This organized session aims to promote exchange of ideas between ECTI and SICE researchers on latest trend on systems and control as well as engineering applications. The topics include, but not limited to, system analysis of complex dynamical systems, control design of dynamical systems, hardware and software implementation, system integration of automation systems, efficient operation and effective maintenance, performance monitoring, and verification systems and other related topics. 

  • 2. "Innovative EM Aspects in Smart Farm and Smart City Research"

  • Description

Electromagnetic fields and wave propagation are important disciplines for the development of cyber physical systems. Besides the well-established data communication technology for industrial and personal use, Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to revolutionize our society in the near future. With this technology, numerous physical objects will be equipped with digital capability to interact with their environment. This special session addresses the advancement and challenges in electromagnetic research for smart farm and smart city applications including but not limited to EM sensors, IoT and RFID antennas, wireless sensor networks, microwave imaging as well as material processing using EM energy.

  • 3. "Geo-Informatics for Sustainable Development"

  • Description

The problem of climate change is a major environmental crisis causing broad and severe damages to the mankind. Continuous monitoring and analytics the natural environment by using data from various platforms (e.g. satellite, UAV, terrain images) are needed. Based on recent technologies, it is capable of monitoring and tracking for the climate change. Thus, an enormous amount of data from multiple platforms is already available. The data can effectively be used in several applications such as natural resource analysis, disaster management (e.g., flood, drought, and fire), agricultural monitoring (crop phenology), and urban expansion.
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